Ahead of Prince Albert 2 of Monaco’s visit to Drawda, we look back at some other famous Royals what graced Drawda with their presence.

Louth haven’t beaten Meath since 1975. We look back at the past six Champship meetings in a fair an unbiased manner.

Local taxi Driver Jim Carr has come out strongly against the Council decision to close Laurence’s Gate to traffic on the Facebuke. In a controversial post, Jim denounced the traffic management plan by saying it was only going to make the traffic problem in the town worser.


You won’t be ebble to tink straight this week. Why? The Drogheda Arts Festival is on, again. It’ll be aaats this and aaats that. You won’t understand most of it, who does? Just say it’s great for the town and they’ll leave you alone. But there is an alternative – The fawty furth Drawda Daats Festval.

After years in the shadow of Dundalk’s vibrant music scene (The Corrs), Drawda has emerged with her own distinctive sound – Sham Rock.

Not too much out of the ordinary happening in the villages around Drawda.