It kem as no surprise that ‘bespoke’ has been nemt this year’s Drawda Dictionary Wuurdada Yeeor. Bespoke overkem mildish competition from ‘fleadh’, however the final result was never seriously in doubt.



We dialled up the Internet and downloaded all the tech news from the hinterlands of Drawda, put it on this page so you can read it with your eyes.

A bespoke tree house at the back of an industrial era cottage in Mell has gone on the market at a bargain price of just half a million Euro. The 6m2 tree house, Caveat Emptor, was made by dad Fintan with help from his 8 year old twins Jay and Kay, who were super helpers that morning. Its cosy living space is ideal for a young couple yet to realise that all love is is a chemical reaction that fades over time, like new car smell.

The pick of this week’s local TV. 

Louth’s leading hacking group has clemt that North Ardee Space Agency (NASA) is about to announce they have found intelligent alien life. Anonymous Hey! Has released a fideo clemin that “NASA says aliens are coming so they are.” The fideo has already been viewed over 14 million times.

Ahead of Prince Albert 2 of Monaco’s visit to Drawda, we look back at some other famous Royals what graced Drawda with their presence.

Louth haven’t beaten Meath since 1975. We look back at the past six Champship meetings in a fair an unbiased manner.