Student Vows To Repeat After Points For DKIT Fly-Tipping Cert Soar

Local student Ryan O’Brien vowed to repeat the Leaving after narrowly missing out on his first choice, Dundalk IT’s (DKIT) Certificate in Rural Fly Tipping. The sudden popularity of the course has taken many students by surprise.

Ryan had pinned all his hopes on the course, even dumping household waste into public even though there was no extra points for doing so. “Fucken sick so I am. A’ll have to repeat though I might do that in the Joeys cuz dur wuz too many distractions in the Ollies – young ones – same in the Marys.”

The Faa Side spoke to other distraught students outside Saint Oliver’s Community College. “It’s a joke so it is,” said Serena Dumpling, who thinks she should get bonus points for entering a male dominated profession. “What about gender equality? Women should get a bonus for this course, like you do get if you do do honours Maths or had parents with notions what sent you to the Gaelscoil.”

Indeed, the points total to gain entry to the course has risen over 100%, by far the highest increase across the whole CAO spectrum. With the course now a prohibitive 110 points, many students feel let down by the system.

The Faa Side understands that the real reason for the increase is because from the academic year 2017-2018, students will have the option of ‘going on’ to a higher qualification. An extra year would see students complete the Urban Fly Tipping modules necessary for both a Diploma in the area as well as qualifying them to apply for a degree.

The top two students in the class will be offered Erasmus scholarships, where they will spend a year learning the latest fly tipping techniques from across the EU. The rest of the students will have to settle for learning how to sneak across the border into Northern Ireland. This module is run in conjunction with DKIT’s Smuggling Studies.