Lynx Africa Opens Pop-Up Shop On West Street

The ongoing water crisis in Drawda area has led to some unexpected Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for the town. One of the world’s top fragrance houses have opened a pop-up shop on West Street this lunchtime.

The men from Lynx Africa opened a bijou stall in front of Tesco Express and sales are boomin’. The iconic deodorant holds a special place in the hearts of Drawda men and women, many of whom were conceived with its musky aroma hanging heavy in the air. Lynx Africa is widely considered the deodorant of the Gods.

The sizeable amount of locals unlucky enough to work and live in the town have been unable to shower since Friday last. Once they got a whiff of this, Lynx Africa moved in.

“It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement,” said CEO Lionel Lynx. “Drawda is a Lynx town. And not just any Lynx – Lynx Africa. We might do a pop-up in Laytown too, but they’d only be getting Java or Voodoo and if we run low on those we can always use some of our Lynx Mosney line – they won’t know the difference, the filthy pigs.”

One man who callt hiself Hatchet had this to say. “I tá fuckih A’ll geh ahway wih ih buh I didn. Tank fuckfur Lynx Africa.”

Mayor Pio Smith welcomed the investment, which could become a permanent flagship store if Irish Water keep doing what they’re doing. “There’ll be a baby boom for sure,” enthused Smith. “Women can’t resist the wild feral smell of Lynx Africa. We’re expecting more Caligulan scenes than nawmil in Earth and Storm tonight what with all the sweaty musk floating about.”