Top 9 Royals What Visited Drawda

Ahead of Prince Albert 2 of Monaco’s visit to Drawda, we look back at some other famous Royals what graced Drawda with their presence.

  1. Princess Grace of Monaco and her husbint Prince Rainier 3

In 1961 the Monaco Rainiers visited the town as a dare. They were put up in Mary’s house and the good plates and cutlery were used. However, after seeing some fist fights down the docks, Princess Grace tried to donate blood in the Lourdes Hostible. But was unable to do so because she possessed blue blood.

  1. Prince

The pint-sized musical genius Prince passed through Drawda in the mid-1980s while lost. Local legend has it that he penned pop classic Raspberry Beret after seeing a novena of grannies wearing their mad colourful hats going to the early mass in the Franciscan church while on his way home from a night out at the New Central Dishco.

  1. Queen

Not The Queen but the rock band who memorably played half a round of pitch and putt on the cement road before headlining Slane in 1986. A plaaaster cast of Freddie Mercury’s moustache still hangs in the clubhouse.

  1. Prince Albert

Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is better known as Queen Victoria’s husband and cousint. His Royal Highness visited Drawda when the town was a popular stag weekend destination during the Victorian Age. After an afternoon of port, debauchery and the shooting peasants from a row boat on the Boyne, Prince Albert decided to have the afternoon memorialised with a tattoo. However, the local tattoo artist spoke only spoke as Gaeilge and the drunk prince left the parlour on Laancis Streeh not with a tattoo but with the infamous piercing that was to become his chef-d’œuvre.

  1. General Queens

Though not classic royalty, Drawda has her fair share of LGBT queens.

  1. The King of the Glen

Pappy Fox, the King of the Glen, would often walk out the Newfoundwell Road with his servants in search of good firewood. Sadly, Pappy Fox left no suitable heirs and the title of King of the Glen has been bouncing around the courts for years.

  1. The Duke of Wellington

Schooled in warfare after attending Drogheda, the Iron Duke left Drawda with all the skills necessary to defeat Napoleon at Waterloo. After living in Meath as a young man, they say he had the violence in him from an early age.

  1. King William of Orange

King Billy stayed at the Bridgeford during the “Battle” of the Boyne. There is debate as to whether there even was a battle. Still, it’s great for tourism and nobody really knows what happent long ago anyway.

  1. King James 2

King James 2 was the last Catholic King of England but was so useless that even the Vatican backed the Protestant King Billy. Drawda refused to allow him into the town so he was forced to stay in Duleek, a move which convinced him to surrender to King Billy on 10 July 1690 in exchange for 50% of all royalties from any future Battle of the Boyne merchandise.