A Potted History of Louth v Meath

Louth haven’t beaten Meath since 1975. We look back at the past six Champship meetings in a fair an unbiased manner.


1998 Louth 1-11 0-15 Meath


Curious refereeing and thuggery saw Meath overcome Louth on this occasion. Stefan White was imperious, drop kicking points from 40 yards and blasting a goal in the first half to give the Wee County a 4 point lead. Young right back Breen Phillips kept Meath’s human oil delivery lorry Tommy Dowd firmly in his pocket before being the victim of some Meath’s infamous pre-retaliation retaliation, which forced him from the field of play. The result? Dowd ran riot.

While Meath thuggery was to be expected, the collusion of the officials was not. The ref overruled his umpires and the eyes of everyone watching by awarding a blatant Geraghty wide with a point. He followed that up by bafflingly reversing a free-kick decision which resulted in a Meath score. Meath won by a point. Do the maths. Meath celebrated in Drawda.


2002 Louth 2-9 3-8 Meath


The one where they played until Meath won. A courageous display by the Lúmen saw them deservedly lead in hostile surroundings by 4 points coming into injury time. JP Rooney and Ollie McDonnell had bulged the onion bag and there were glorious points from big Seamus O’Hanlon and Stanfield from the side line. What Louth didn’t know was that the ref had decided to play until Meath won. Which they did of course, with two late late late late late late goals. The second goal was in the second hour of injury time. Once Meath were in front the ref blew from the kick out. The ref needed a Garda escort off – a portent of things to come. Meath celebrated in Drawda.


2006 Louth 0-10 1-15 Meath


Division 2 champs Louth kem out and played champagne GAA in the first half, completely blitzing Meath. The Lúmen led by 4 points at half time with Jamie Caah running the field to point gloriously. Then they collapsed. Didn’t even score in the second half. The champagne GAA bubbles went to their heads. Meath celebrated in Drawda.


2010 Louth 1-10 1-12 Meath


The game that showcased to the nation just what Meath had become as a county and a people. Smokin’ Joe Sheridan has tried to justify his try over the years, saying it would’ve been a peno if he hadn’t thrun it in – a lone wolf theory. The ref, Martin Sludden instructed his linesmen to award a goal, ignoring the fact that they had a combined eye count of 4 and were looking right at the try. Irate Louth fans (Dundalk) attacked the ref who an unusually coherent Fitzer describt as “Dick Turpin without a maaksk.” The obvious thing to do was to replay the game but the GAA bottled it by leaving the decision to the Meath County Board, whose deal with the Devil would never have allowed for that. Meath still celebrate this one in Drawda. The wonder why nobody likes them too.


2011 Louth 2-8 5-8 Meath


See 2010 for details.


2016 Louth 1-13 0-20 Meath


Louth’s plan A failed miserably. There was no plan B so plan A was continued with in the vein of a WW1 general attacking a fortified Hun position dotted with machine guns with interlocking fields of fire and not understanding why the plan was failing. Meath celebrated in Drawda.