Sports Round Up – Louth Promoted, Bog Wrestling Latest, Shinty Gossip and more

Lúmen Go Up

So congratulations to Colin Kelly, his backroom staff and of course his charges (players in GAA reports must always be called their manager’s charges).

As the referee blew for full time in Semple Stadium the Louth players piled onto the pitch to celebrate what in January looked an unlikely promotion. The small pocket of travelling support let off their red flares – and we don’t mean the pants the lads north of Clogher were wearing (fashion trends there are currently in 1977 though hairstyles can and do reach up until 1986).

The defeat of Tipp was a world away from the Lúmen’s last visit there. Back in 2015 the Wee County was battered worser than a batter buurgur dusted in batter for a week and then turbo-battered in one of Joe’s state of the aaht batter fryers in his flagship chipper in Yellabatter. After that 23 point defeat Louth supremo Colin Kelly called for a two-tier champship. I wonder which tier he’d want Louth on today…


The Maracanã, the San Siro, the Camp Nou, Little Wembley, the Bombonera, Croke Paak, the Bernabeu, the Quarry Fighting Pits on the Cement Road, the Bernabeu, the Arruda, Parkhead, Aintree and Mosney during the Community Games. The Faa Side has been lucky to soak up the atmosphere at some of the greatest sporting pantheons humanity has constructed. And then there’s Louth’s County Grounds, The Gaelic Grounds in Drawda and Pairc Tailteann in Navan, Co. Meath…

In light of Louth’s promotion to Division Two, the spotlight will be firmly back on Louth County Board’s chronic inability to sort out county ground that meets the minimum inter-county standard. Every other county has managed to do it, so why haven’t they?

Louth County Board are well known for their vision, planning and organisational acumen. In a recent poll on, the Gaelic Grounds in Drawda was voted the worst county ground in the country, and that includes another country, Northern Ireland. So Louth’s home pitch is effectively the worst inter-country ground in two countries at the same time. Some branches of the supporter tree even go so far as to say that the county board are as good as, if not better than, the FAI. Praise from Caesar.

But Louth’s homeless crisis, and being forced to play your big games in your biggest rivals stadium is a crisis, is of her own making. Childish bickering over the years about where the county ground should be has resulted in the same old palaver from the County Board. “There’s something in the pipeline so there is.” “Reports are being done so they are, there was a surveyor in.” At this stage we don’t think anyone cares if the ground is in Dundalk or Drawda – as long as it’s not bloody Navan.

So the Faa Side has axed GAA HQ to make an intervention and put some responsible adults in charge, or the Chinese – them lads know how to get things done.

Bog Wrestling

This weekend’s fixtures were cancelled due to the good weather drying up the bog.

Fly Fishing

Louth Fly Fishers have voted to expand the county championship to include new divisions for bluebottles and horseflies after complaints from normal house flies and allegations of doping.


One of the last two shinty players in the county has emigrated to Wales.