Meet The Drawda Family Who Wished It Could Be Pancake Tuesday Every Tuesday

Some people wish it could be Christmas every day. This Drawda family wished it could be Pancake Tuesday every Tuesday. This is their story.

“Who doesn’t like Pancake Tuesdee?” says mum Irene, 36. “We do things differently in our house, we eat what we like, when we like because the Government can’t tell us what to do.”

Last year, the Battersby family decided that Pancake Tuesday was so good they should have it every Tuesday. So that’s what they did.

“We encourage ower children to do what dee enjoy, what dur good ah,” explains dad Tom Mór. “Candice  and Louweeis love eatin’ pancakes and deeve won competitions in the midlands and dah. Go on gehhls, go and gettin’ yisr trophies to show the man from the papur.”

Strict adherence to Pancake Tuesdays has led to a surprising lifestyle change, Irene told us.

“We were going through so many eggs we ended up getting some hens in. Hauling bags of flour from the shelf in Aldi onto the mobility scooter and then from there to the car was hard enough without having to worry about cracked eggs.

“There’s nuthin’ worse on God’s grey earth than to start a pancake mix and run out of eggs. It’s easier just to get them fresh and organic from the spare room – that’s where the chickens or hens or whatever they are live ‘cos the spare room is more fox proof than the hen shed we had out the back.”

Since the move to pancake, the girls have had to deal with taunts about their weight.

“It’s fery huurtfil,” said Candice. “People do be laughing ah us in school. It’s not fair, we don’t only eat pancakes. In fact pancakes aren’t even my faverit daya the week – that’s snackbox Mondee. Mam’s favourite is 3-in-1 Thursdee and Chantelle loves pizza Fridee.”

As for Dad Tom, he loves batter. He told us he’d batter anyone who med fun of his daughters and eat anything that was battered. He even has his eye on a house in Yellowbatter.

Pancakes. Enjoy them responsibly.