WIND – New nite club opens to make Earth, Wind and Fire

There’ll be no more bouncer roulette when you breeze past the doorman at Drawda’s latest element based nite club, Wind.

The new nite club is set to blow Earth and Fire out of the water. Sponsored by Bacardi Breezer and with Buckfast on draught, Wind is being sold as a breath of fresh air in a town full of stale old haunts and underage kiddie discos.

“It’ll blow your mind so it will,” says club manager Gail Forza. “We’re hoping to get Harry Kane in for the grand opening.”

The owners made the bold decision to make Wind all-weather outdoor venue. “You can’t have indoor wind – that’s just a draught! Funnily enough though, we did toy with the idea of calling the place Draft but thought that would alienate the craft beer crowd, and they’re clearly loaded.”

One of the main attractions of the club is getting blown in the wind tunnel. Once you’ve been blown there, you’ll want to come again.

On decks for the night is DJ Blow-In who will be playing a medley of wind-based pop tunes from Bob Dylan’s many weather based offerings (Blowin’ in the Wind, The Hurricane) to The Scorpions Wind of Change.

When you’ve finished partying and don’t want to go home just head down the Sunshine Bar which opens at dawn and closes at dusk. Then just come back to Wind.

Plans for a water-based nite club are said to be in the pipeline.

Wind 3.png