Talking Out Of His Hole – Godfrey Calls for North Road Quarry To Be Filled In

Councillor Shanks Godfrey has called for the North Road Quarry to be filled in. Yes, you read that right and you know it makes sense. It’d be great for the town.

While on paper (and read out loud) it might sound like a mad idea, it’s not if you’re Shanks. When you’ve that many hare-brained schemes in your head it’s inevitable that some will slip out of your mouth and into the public realm.

The maverick councillor wants to turf out the wildlife living there (goats, horses, foxes, the Mell unicorn) and pave this paradise into a parking lot. A car park beside nothing.

The kerazzzzy Councillor did not reveal how exactly the quarry would be filled in, only that “It doesn’t have to be done all at once,” before screaming “It can’t be left like this!” in a measured interview in Drogheda Life.

However sources close to the zany politician said that a hole of equal dimensions would be dug beside the quarry. The earth excavated from it would then be used to fill in the quarry. The scheme would create a lot of jobs.

According to Godfrey, the quarry is “just a massive hole in the ground,” which he claims to be “hundreds of feet deep” and “full of water”. Godfrey wouldn’t be drawn on whether he thought the watery hole was the result of the quarrying company going too deep and piercing the seabed just off the coast of New Zealand.

While the people of Drawda are used to the good Councillors bananas ideas, this time Shanks really does seem to be talking out of his hole.