Sea Too Wet For Snow To Stick Say Clogher Fishermen

Clogherhead fishermen have confirmed that despite the cold weather, the sea will continue to be too wet for any snow to stick.

The last time snow stuck off the coast of Clogherhead was during the last Ice Age. It was so cold then that there was a couple of hundred metres of snow. School pipes burst, fulacht fiadhs froze solid and not for the first time, the Council ran out of grit. Thankfully these days the Louth coast is protected against the sudden onslaught of an Ice Age by the perma-warm radioactive currents of the Irish Sea.

As we write this it’s snowing hard out in Clogher. But the fleet out there are no snowflakes so they’re not! They don’t stop working just because it starts to snow on the land.

“The fish don’t give two shits whether it’s snowing or not,” says localised fisherman Rasmus Jakubauskas.  “The only way to catch a fish is to think like one so it is – and snow just isn’t in their mind-set. Why would it be? As far as we know it doesn’t snow under the waaahur.”

The Clogher fisherpeople have been going around local secondary schools demonstrating to Leaving Certificate science students why snow doesn’t stick to water. By all accounts they haven’t needed to bring their own snowflakes for the demonstration as there is an abundance of them there already.