Local Man To Trek From Ballsgrove To Brookville For Irish Chancer Society

Local sham Lukey Mee, a brand ambassador for Hollister, is undertaking a gruelling trek to raise funds for the Irish Chancer Society. He will be trekking from Ballsgrove to Brookville.

Mee is no stranger to raising money for charity having raised €20.00 last summer by swimming the length and breadth of the Glen. He has also done the Ice Bucket Challenge twice.

Part of the money will go towards kitting him out in necessary gear for the trek including new boots, trekking pants, a single tight white vest that’s bound to get torn exposing his ripped torso, a new sleeve tattoo, walking poles, designer shades, GPS, a Go-Pro cam, a self erecting tent, a top of the range rucksack that doubles up as a canoe and a yoga cave, a blog with vlogging capability, a quality microphone for the podcast, a fishing spear, tins of tuna, bear spray, a selfie-stick, an iPad with €1000 worth of Skype credit on it for phoning home, a bagful of tuts for any sneerers, a drone, lots of condoms, platinum health insurance, €500 in dollars and Yen, a camera crew, plaaaaasters and a really good haircut and beard trim.

The remainder of the money will go to charity.

“I’ll be broadcasting the whole event on the Facebuke Live so I will,” enthused Lukey. “What I’m looking forward to, apart from raising much needed funds for charity, is finding out about myself. Nobody has ever done this trek before so I’m really going into the unknown here. See you on the other side bro.”

The trek is expected to take up to 10 days but if you know the cunt it’ll feel like a lifetime.

Click on the link below to help Luke raise the €10,000 he needs to tackle the trek head on. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

If you do want to help someone who is actually not taking the piss and raising money for cancer research donate here to Keith Martin.