Anger in Drawda as Dundalk Gets Airport For Christmas

What do you get the town that gets everything? That was the headache Louth County Council faced in the run up to Christmas. The Steve Staunton Inter-County Airport will provide another jobs boost for Dundalk.

“We thought it would be a quiet enough Christmas after last year’s essential upgrading of the smuggling pipe,” said Scumdalk resident Baz Carr. “So we were surprised as anyone to wake up yesterday morning to see planes landing in Dundalk.”

Officials told us that it basically kem down to a toss-up between a Space Agency or an airport. There was great local support so there was for making Dundalk a key research hub for the exploration of the cosmos.

Louth County Council feel an airport would be a good learning curve for Dundalk. Financially it shouldn’t be a problem to upgrade the airport to a shuttle launch site next year as Dundalk can call on Drawda rates to fund the expansion.

Drawda Borough Council played their part for the town by voting overwhelmingly to support the idea.

Louth County Chairman Paul Bell welcomed the plan. “It’s great for Drawda that there is an inter-county airport in the county. Just great for the town. People need to see the bigger picture. Steve Staunton was born in Drawda so he was, so we’ve a great connection to it. We must thank Dundalk for that.

“I’ve been given assurances that all the new investment in Dundalk could provide shuttle flights to Dundalk.”

“It’ll be great for the town so it will,” said one of the only Councillors who hasn’t been mayor yet. “I personally fought long and haad for Drawda to be put on the flight path. It’ll bring much needed footfall to West Street. It’s just what the town needs.”

The Jim Corr Spacer Agency is planned for a late 2017 opening.