Politicians Christmas Messages Reviewed #1

Lets deconstruct our first citizen’s Christmas message.

Oh dear oh dear. This is unfortunate. The first citizen of Drawda, Mayor Tully stands smiling in front of Christmas Tree laden with Christmas lights while Drawda’s official tree stands (literally) in a lightless limbo (between West and Narrow West Street).

This is a PR gaffe that warrants use of the phrases “ham-fisted” and “cack-handed”.

Use of a toddler by a politician could be construed as a deeply cynical move calculated to project an image of humanness in the Mayor. Though in fairness, the toddler looks at ease and not at all frightened.

The lack of dogs and horses in the image suggest that they were spooked, as animals often are in the presence of the Dark Lord.

The font is cleverly chosen to reinforce the humanness of the Mayor. A playful mix of red and white really taps into the Christmas spirit and for a moment the viewer is lost in a world of snowmen, Santa Claus and mince pies. If we had one gripe it would be the flippant use of the Gaeilge. Nollaig Shona is says before returning English. Textbook shape-shifting behaviour.

However, the reindeer picture gives away a hint of cruelty. The terrified creature, no doubt traumatised by the sudden and brutal removal from its herd in Lapland, is forced to wear a red ribbon for the amusement of an artist who then rendered (renditioned?) the creature to an art studio and sketched it as some clipart. The fate of the reindeer is not made clear on the poster.

The grinning Mayor holds aloft his chains of office, almost taunting the rest of us who aren’t the mayor or mayoral alumni.

Finally, a list of Advice Clinics are advertised for the 29th December in pubs or establishments that serve alcohol. Is this a coded message perhaps? Or is this a subtle nod to ex-Taoiseach Bertie Ahern who would hit several pubs nightly in the Drumcondra area to get in face time with the punters?

This is what it really says…