Old Moneymore’s Almanac 2017 Predictions

It’s that time again when Old Moneymore releases his predictions for the coming year. But how did he do for 2016 which was a turbulent year full of surprises? Actually quite well.

Many predicted that Old Moneymore had finally lost it, that he’d cracked like a non-organic egg and gone mad. You see he’d predicted that Prince and David Bowie would pass away. And they did! He also predicted the earthly demise of a local retired DJ turned political mandarin – two out of three ain’t bad and there is still a few weeks left in December. A Cultural icon will disappear he predicted and lo and behold Darby O’Gills closed down to much sadness and regret but no Facebuke campaign pages.

It would be foolish to dismiss the Nostrodamus of the North east.

2016 Predictions

In the music world David Bowie, Prince and a local DJ turned politician will pass. CORRECT

Oil struck at Wheaton Hall? DIDN’T HAPPEN

Revolt in Mosnia.  CORRECT – Widespread rioting went unreported.

A cultural icon will disappear. Nobody will campaign to save it. CORRECT

Scotch Hall Phase 2 won’t start. CORRECT

Dundalk shame Louth by finishing bottom of Europa League Group. CORRECT

Meath will beat Louth in the championship. CORRECT

Dundalk gets another jobs boost. CORRECT

Islamic Caliphate established in Newtownstallaban. DIDN’T HAPPEN

A chancer is elected by the people. (Didn’t specify whether he meant in the USA or Dundalk). CORRECT

Laurence’s Gate moved to Dundalk for its own protection. DIDN’T HAPPEN

A humourless conservative elected as Drawda’s powerless mayor. CORRECT


2017 Predictions

Boyne to evaporate due to sudden climate change, making the Glen Drawda’s biggest river.

Gerry Adams to deny any knowledge of Drawda’s existence.

Axl Rose fails to turn up to Slane after becoming addicted to pitch n’ putt at Morgans.

Constitution Hill to lose some of its steepness?

Jesus to return?

Average rent in Drawda to pass 80% of average income.

Drawda United to be beaten by Drawda Boys.

Baltray to suffer from drought.

Narrow West Street to be rejuvenated after joint Council/Private Enterprise Partnership.*

Stameen Swingers defend national title.

Drogheda Photography Club win national award for first photo of black hole visible from the Thonsel.

Meath to get smaller perhaps?

Beards go out of fashion, but not in Dundalk.

Louth County Board to finally sort out a county ground? **

 *That one is a joke.

** Since publication, Louth County Board, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to move to Navan. So that’s one prediction come true already!!