Louth To Move County Ground To Bloody Navan

Louth's new home ground

Louth GAA. The only county in Ireland and Northern Ireland not to have a county ground capable of hosting a big Championship game at home. Louth GAA. Winner of The Worst County Ground in the Country Award 2016. Louth GAA. The only county board who support playing their home games at their biggest rival’s stadium. None of that is made up.

You see, in their wisdom, Louth County Board have supported Meath’s plan to redevelop Pairc Tailteann in Navan into a 20,000 seater stadium and that’s fair enough – they’d do the same if we had a stadium or were robbed of a Leinster Final… They even went so far as to indicate that they’d nominate Navan as the venue for some of their home games. Read that again.

Louth County Board said they’d nominate Navan as the venue for some of their home games.

Navan is in fucking Meath you cretins! Meath!! Our fiercest rival! They’ll be laughing at us more than they do already – driving to Navan, spending money in Navan, losing in Navan, having to drive back from Navan, taunting us over 2010.

As long as we can remember Louth County Board have been a joke. In fact, they’re so inept that the FAI send their staff on team building days to Darver. Ah Darver. In the middle of nowhere, hard to get to and famously bottlenecked if more than ten cars go there at the same time. A centre of excellence? They only thing Louth have excelled at in recent times is failure. And we can’t even do that at home anymore.

And what of the O’Rathallaighs? Is that going to be modernised or what? Why can Louth County Board not get their useless fingers out of their holes and designate a proper county ground and develop it. Every other county has one, why don’t we? This is not a big ask. This is the bare fucking minimum we’re asking for here. It’s up there with getting the jerseys, bringing the footballs and shooting the right way. Basic fucking stuff. A home ground. And they give us this – fucking Navan. I’m fucken raging so I am!

And then there’s Fitzer. Going around all the GAA clubs in the days before the election shaking his hand down to a stump. And for what? What have Louth GAA gotten out of having our most successful manager since 1957 as a TD? Fuck all. That’s what. Come on Fitzer. Do something! This is your area. This and gun clubs.

We have to look at what this move says to our younger players. It says we don’t give a shit. It says we have no pride in our county. It says we have no dignity. Louth County Board is not fit for purpose. Time for a change. Resign.

An Lú Abú.

PS – Fucking Navan. The cheek.