Faa Side 2017 Calendar On Sale Down Town – only €10!!

It’s the calendar Dundalk doesn’t want you to have. They’re doing their nut over in Navan too. Yes it’s The Faa Side 2017 Calendar – the only calendar in the north east with foeteen months!! It’s the perfect stocking filler for those who like a chuckle or anyone living abroad who misses home – send them a calendar and make them miss home some more. It’s also a great Kris Kindle gift.

Where can you buy it? Here’s a list of places you can get your hands on it.

Jo Jo’s Newsagents on West Street.

Tuites Butchers on Laurence Street.

The West Court Hotel on West Street.

Terry’s Barbers on Laurence Street.

A2 Clothing in the Town Centre.

Clarkes Pub on Peter Street.

McPhails Pub on Laurence Street.