Herbus O’Dowd Hailed a Hero

Local TD Fergus ‘Herbus’ O’Dowd has been gaining hero status around the town after a Bill was passed in the Dail legalising medicinal cannabis. The popular plant, which grows naturally in the ground, is seen by many as a gateway drug to heroin, murder or worse, Galway. The new legislation will benefit those who genuinely suffer from chronic pain as well as those who really like the ‘erb.

Those old enough will remember the Canadian snooker player ‘Big Bill’ Werbeniuk who was advised by doctors to drink alcohol to counteract the effects of the Essential Tremor, which would have been detrimental to his game. Bill would regularly down 40-50 pints of lager a day and successfully claimed that the six pints he needed to steady his hand before games were tax deductible.

The Faa Side is not suggesting for a minute that a similar tack may be followed here in Drawda – it’s less bureaucratic to just buy it on the street. However, we would invite Fergus, or Herbus as he shall evermore be known as, to come down to Faa Side Towers and review the medicinal offerings when they hit the pharmacies.