Back The Faa Side 2017 Calendar

We need your help. We’re doing a calendar and we need backers to get it printed. It’s Drawda’s only foeteen month calendar. That’s two extra months you can play around with. Do what you like with them. But they’ll be there.

Why a foeteen month calendar some people ask and that’s fair enough. The number foeteen is a local number, hovering somewhere between 13, 14 and 15. It’s a number that Dundalk hasn’t robbed on us yet. They get everything so eventually they’ll take foeteen as well so we need to be nice to it while we have it.

You can go to our Kickstarter page and pre-order a calendar and we’ll ship it to wherever you are. But there’s other options too. You could buy a date to celebrate something like a divorce or when the Guards forgot to send you out that summons and now legally they can’t. Happy times. Good times.

If you’re a business and you’d like people staring at your ads for a whole month then we have something for you too. If you don’t see anything that suits you drop us an email at and one of our writers will gladly help you.

We think that The Faa Side Calendar 2017 would look great in your kitchen or in your office or wherever you do be. It’d make a great stocking filler for Christmas or the perfect gift to the Drawda emigrant in far flung places or just in Dundalk or Meath.

So why not make everyday a laugh and back our calendar by going to the Kickstarter page and pledging. You even get your money back if we don’t reach our target. Now that’s bound to appeal to our readers!

Bye bye now,

The Faa Side