20 Things Drawda & Dundalk Have In Common

  1. Both towns elect politicians based in Dundalk as a matter of principle.
  2. Dundalk based TD Gerry Adams doesn’t live in Dundalk or Drawda.
  3. Both towns were bombed by the Luftwaffe.
  4. The Black Death was brought into Ireland via Drawda and Dundalk, most probably by a Meath registered ship.
  5. The now defunct Drawda and Dundalk Dairies helped ease tensions between the towns’ rival dairy farmering communities for much of the 1980s and 1990s.
  6. Most people who live in Drawda and Dundalk were born in the Lourdes Hostipal, in Drawda.
  7. Folks from both towns have trouble finding non-local partners on account of their funny accents.
  8. Both towns are bypassed by the M1.
  9. Both Dundalk FC and Drogheda United play in the League of Ireland Premier Division.
  10. Both teams have won the Premier Division in the past decade.
  11. Both towns share a proud musical tradition with the likes of The Corrs and Johnny Logan delighting fans of music for generations.
  12. Drawda and Dundalk share the same climate, though Dundalk does take the brunt of the nuclear winds from across the sea.
  13. The Dublin to Belfast line passes through both towns so it does and apologises to no one for it.
  14. Both towns see the same sun when they look at the sky, though the sun seems to shine more favourably on Dundalk when it comes to jobs, investment, luck and Government funding.
  15. Animosities are forgotten in the face of a common enemy – Meath GAA.
  16. The men of Drawda and Dundalk will proudly and habitually fail together when it comes to playing Meath in the Championship.
  17. Drawda and Dundalk have produced a wealth of international footballers – Gary Kelly, Ian Haaate, Nick Colgan and Steve Staunton were all born in the Lourdes.
  18. Both towns were considered inside The Pale, meaning that both were subject to the civilising influence of the English. Both towns have shed this veneer of civilization a long time ago, especially El Paso.
  19. Dropouts from Dundalk and Drawda established the town of Ardee as a place where utter mediocrity could thrive in a safe and ignored environment.
  20. Both Drawda Borough Council and Dundalk Town Council are controlled by Dundalk.