The Differences Between Drawda & Dundalk

We highlight the main differences between Drawda and Dundalk.

Dundalk gets everything, Drawda gets nothing.

Drawda is so important it is tolled on the M1, Dundalk isn’t.

Drawda has aspirations to be a city, Dundalk is happy being a town. ‘Mon the Town.

Drawda elects politicians based in Dundalk, Dundalk does not elect politicians based in Drawda.

Drawda was once the seat of the Irish Parliament, Dundalk wasn’t.

Drawda has a larger population than Dundalk.

Dundalk has a smaller population than Drawda.

Drawda is the sixth largest urban settlement in Ireland.

Dundalk is only the seventh largest town in Ireland.

Drawda has an important river flowing through it, Dundalk doesn’t.

Drawda has a proud musical scene, Dundalk’s musical scene produced The Corrs.

Drawda was founded in the year 911.

Dundalk has been inhabited since about 3500BCE but the locals couldn’t manage to found a town until the year 1189 – That’s 4689 years of faffing about.

Drawda is twinned with three towns, Dundalk with only two.

Dundalk has a town named after it in Baltimore, USA, and it’s a bit of a hole so it is.

Drawda prefers to be unique and by choice has no towns named after it.

Drawda was where the Duke of Wellington was educated. So was Ireland’s Greatest Living Irishman, T.K. Whitaker.

Drawda is where Ireland’s best and most glamorous newsreader, Alison Comyn, is from, Dundalk has produced no newsreaders.

Drawda never elected Shanks Godfrey to the Dáil but Dundalk elected Fitzer.

Drawda is important enough to have been besieged twice, double the amount of times Dundalk has been besieged.

Drawda is a lifestyle, Dundalk can only aspire to be one.

Dundalk has a dual currency (Euro & Northern Bank notes), Drawda trades only in Euro.