Local Man Who Mixed Up His Weekday Socks All Out Of Kilter

A local office worker who was let go from his job as general office assistant has laid the blame for his misfortune squarely at the feet of his novelty Monday to Friday socks.

Doug Harris thought he was all set for the week when he began his usual Sunday night routine.

“As a general office assistant I assist people generally so I gotta look smart. I normally iron a shirt for each day of the week and organise my socks and jocks accordingly,” explained Doug.

He arrived at work in a very happy and upbeat mood, which is most unusual for office workers on a Monday morning.

Colleagues noticed something was up when Harris kept asking what plans people had for the weekend. And after lunch he refused to take any calls, saying to puzzled colleagues that whoever it was would call back on Monday if they were serious.

“It felt like a Friday for some reason,” Doug remembered. “I even had a couple of sneaky lunchtime pints, just like on a Friday though now that I think, it was a bit odd that nobody joined me. Normally half the office would be there.”

An overnight power cut led Harris to oversleep and with curtains still drawn his eyes mistook Friday socks for Mondays.

“Whoever colour codes these socks needs to take a look at themselves professionally. Monday is pink and Friday is orange. It’s a system ripe for confusion. If I made that mistake then how many others have? And what of the dyslexic colour blind? I’d urge caution to all those who go down the route of buying this type of novelty sock. I hope my experience serves as a lesson to them.”

General Office manager Wayne Biggins spoke to the Faa Side about the incident.

“He got off on the wrong foot on Monday and he was on a warning after that. He came in to work on Friday wearing his Monday socks and really brought the mood in the office down. Everyone was geared up for the weekend but Doug was all doom and gloom and eager to get on with new tasks.

“In the end we just had to let him go. He didn’t quite fit in. He even answered the phone after lunch! I had to tell him to put a sock in it as his work ethic was disrupting our traditional Friday afternoon banter.

“On a personal level I was sorry to see him go, nice lad but this just wasn’t for him.”