Met Éireann Releases Storm Names for Drawda

As winter approaches cruel and cold as a scorned woman, Met Éireann has released its list of regionalised names for the 2016/2017 storm season.

The decision to regionalise storm names has come up for criticism, but mainly by wind-bags with nothing else to do. The Faa Side spoke to weatherwoman Janih Monsoon and asked how exactly they decided on the names for the Drawda region.

“Basically we just had a look at the guest list for the old Storm Nite Club,” explained Janih.

“That simple?”

“Yep. It felt right y’know?”

“But it’s not called Storm anymore. It’s called Fire now. Would that have any bearing on the storm names do you think?”

“No, not at all. It’s the same clientele – they’ve just rebadged it, you fool!”

Depending on the reaction to the names, Met Éireann indicated it might take a similar approach next year but with a focus on middle class drinking dens like the Black Bull or the posh bit of Fusion.