Cromwell, Drawda 1649 – The First 9/11 by Hank S. Dogfrey

The first entry in our BOOKS WHAT SHAPED DRAWDA series is from local amateur historian Hank S. Dogfrey. His study on the siege of Drogheda Cromwell, Drawda 1649, The First 9/11 challenged the consensus of established historical research when it came out in 2004.

 This studied retort to local historian Tom Reilly’s book Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy. The author refutes outrageous claims that Cromwell was acting well within the remit of established battlefield norms of the time of the sacking of Drogheda.

The weighty tome went on to become a regional bestseller, topping the charts from Drawda to Ardee and over as far as Collon. Chapter 2 is reprinted below with kind permission of the author.



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Next week, the book that brought the sexual revolution to Drawda – the controversially banned Foeteen Shades of Ballsgrove.