I’ll Definitely Listen To That Pan Pipes CD When I Get Home Says Local Man

A man in his early 20s has confirmed to The Faa Side that he will definitely listen to the pan pipe CD he bought this morning. Spud McMurphy paid €10 for the CD outside the Thonsel after being drawn in by the soothing sounds of some pan-piping Peruvians.

McMurphy, lead singer for the local The Wolfe Tones tribute band 800 Years of Oppression, was really taken by the melancholic air of El Lamento de los Incas whilst walking across West Street to see if they’d any baagins in Dealz.

“It was so sad. I just had to stop. One Liman lad was on the Casio keyboard staring into space, probably remembering his ancestors hiding out in Machu Picchu high above the Andean rainforests. The other was blowing expressionlessly into some actual pan pipes, rocking slowly like pan-pipers do do. They’ve such big sad Incan eyes.

“I don’t know how many different songs they did? I think it was probably a medley as they all sounded, I dunno which word to use, similar or familiar? There was echoes of Robbie Williams in there, Thin Lizzy too and I swear I heard Deeply Dippy by Right Said Fred but I couldn’t be sure but I ‘ll check on the CD. I can’t ever see myself ever getting sick of this CD.

“What the Conquistadors did to them was terrible but it was a long time ago now. Time to get over that shit and put some jazz drums or some loops into their set. You need to move on from the past. It’s not healthy to be constantly harping on about historic wrongs. They’ll get a reputation for being maudlin.”