Patriot or Traitor? Mayor Praises Meath County Council

Town mayor Oliver Tully caused consternation at Monday evening’s meeting of Drogheda Borough Council by praising Meath County Council.

Tully singled out the pariah county for praise after mistakenly attributing works done by Louth County Council (LCC) in the Rosevale estate to council workers from Mordor Meath.

Rosevale sits in that murky twilight, straddling the Louth Meath border like a fence sitting independent politician. Depending on your point of view, it is either Drawda’s Sudetenland or if you’re Cllr. Paddy Meade, it forms part of the Gaza Strip.

Residents confirmed to Local Rural Affairs Correspondent K.M. Ní Asalín that LCC road staff kem two weeks ago and done all of the estate using LCC machines, signage and labour. One resident confirmed that the council workers were indeed Drawda men. “I used to mitch off school with sumadem. It’s faa from Meath dey were raised.”

“Louz County Counzil vould vant to step up to ze mark und do zeir halv of ze estate,” quipped Tully in a German accent he picked up during a recent consultancy role the Fatherland.

Perhaps the Baltray Führer was distracted from his mayoral duties after being head hunted by the Burgermeister of Gustavsburg to give expert advice about ‘moving on’ travellers. A large contingent of travellers descended on the German town in recent weeks causing general havoc on a population unprepared for such an overwhelming event.

“It’s shocking. They don’t even have anti-traveller rocks at the entrances to fields or abandoned parking lots,” a Tully aide said before leaving. “Our experience of keeping Baltray free of travellers will help ‘move them on’. I mean, their pubs didn’t even pretend they were closed when the seen the first caravans. If ever there was a town in need of our innovative Ward Off anti-traveller warning system, it’s Gustavsburg.

The question is, will the Mayor be ‘moved on’ before a he commits a similar faux pas ahead of the Louth Meath Boundary decision?