School Leaver Thrilled To Be Following Dream Of Becoming An Accountant

Portrait of happy student clenching fist while holding exam paper with A+ grade on university campus. Horizontal shot.

Peter Boyce is no ordinary guy. Since the age of four he’s dreamt about being an accountant. He’ll proudly tell you that his first Santa list didn’t include any toys, just a year’s supply of Foolscap ledgers, a calculator and a cardigan.
While other boys his age were out playing football, gaming or looking for girls to finger at lunch break down in Greenhills, Peter was auditing the Ansbacher accounts and working out what tax bracket his future spouse should be in.
“Accountants get a lot of bad press. People say we’re are beige, afraid to take risks. I can tell you for a fact that during office hours some accountants are enormous risk takers (with money). Then in the evenings or weekends they are tired and prefer not to do anything wild or exciting so make do with a round of golf and some mass.

“You can’t be ‘buzzing’ all the time,” says Peter. “Non-accountants just don’t get that rush of balancing the books or exploiting little known loopholes in our tax laws.”

Boyce plans to one day work for one of Mid Louth’s accounting power houses in Ardee or if he gets high enough marks, a leading electrical supplier in Dunleer.

“People used to mock me in school because I’m sensible enough not to get romantically involved before I’ve my own house. 

“Once the birds see the size of my car and hear I play off 5 in the golf sure they’ll be dripping at the sight of me. You can count on that.”