Complete Stone Roses Now Better Than The Stone Roses Claims Local Man

Local music lover Peadar Mac Aodhagain has told friends that he won’t be going to The Stone Roses concert in Marlay Park this weekend as he would much rather see tribute band The Complete Stone Roses in Fusion instead.

Thirty five year-old Mac Aodhagain, who knows a thing or two about music, says that anyone paying more than a tenner to see The Stone Roses must be on drugs.

“Ian Brown’s voice, which was never the best anyway, is shot to pieces. You’d be wasting your time, frankly. What’s the point of going if the singer can’t even sing?

“You’d be much better served holding off and getting a ticket to Fusion for The Complete Stone Roses – now there’s a band.”

Unlike the Manchester group, their tribute act have been playing together longer than The Stone Roses and as a result know all the songs better. There’s no deviation, what you get is exactly what you hear on the record. There’s no messing about, no indulgence.

“I love The Roses as much as the next man approaching 40,” continued Mac Aodhagain, “But I want to see them in their prime. Unfortunately I was too young when they were good but I got to see The Seahorses who in my opinion were the better band.

“All my mates are going to Marlay Park and they said they’ll be coming to Fusion after. I’ve no doubts that they’ll realise how much better The Complete Stone Roses are after they see them live.

“And I’ve heard that the lads won’t be playing any of the new shite either, which is a Brucie bonus. But as I said, they’re fools goin’ up to Dublin. The real music is to be had here.”