Drogxit – Time to Leave Louth?

Droghedians go to the polls today in what could be the most significant referendum in the history of the county.

To leave Louth would have far reaching implications for Ireland’s county system. As things stand, the Drogxit camp are sitting pretty with a foeteen point lead and only a 2 point maagin of error.

Talk of Drogheda leaving the county has been a hot topic for a generation. Years of neglect at the hands of Dundalk has taken its toll on Drogheda patience – be it foreign direct investment (FDI), exclusion from national development plans, millions in EU regeneration funding, skilled jobs announcements or even the ratio of Dundalk-based players to Drogheda-based players in the county GAA team. Enough is enough. The time has come to make a stand and forge our own path.

Drogxit spokesham Drogxit Leddy, who changed his name by deed poll as a campaign stunt, had this to say.

“There’s a lot of anger and frustration here so there is there now. As a town we need to rethink our election strategy. We keep electing Dundalk-based politicians and then complaining that nothing gets done for the town. We then blame the Drogheda-based politicians we didn’t elect for not doing anything for the town and to show them a thing or two re-elect the Dundalk-based politicians. It’s a vicious circle. That’s why we currently don’t have any politicians from Drogheda in the Dáil. I’m pretty sure about that.”

The result of this anger has been an intra-county disconnect between Dundalk and her prettier, more talented sister, Drawda. But what would be the downside, if any, of leaving the Lú? The truth is, there isn’t any. With the town boundary set to be extended into Meath, it is the perfect time to cut loose.

The majority of Drawda seems to agree. But it is only then that the real work begins – locals wouldn’t be able to vote for Dundalk-based politicians so a re-education programme would need to be brutally enforced to stop spoiled votes. It would take a generation.

However, we as a town would be able to send representations to big American multinationals without falling foul to the usual Dundalk tactic of sending the Drawda delegation to the wrong address.

Our mayor would have some actual power, for too long we’ve been laughed at. When our mayor makes representations on our behalf they laugh up in Dundalk – they know there’s no balls under the mayoral robes. No longer! Vote early, vote often, vote DROGXIT.