US Vice President Biden’s Louth Visit Further Proof That Dundalk Gets Everything

If proof was ever needed that the north of the county gets everything and Drogheda gets nothing then look no further than US Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit to Cooley this weekend.
Vice-President Biden has Wee roots courtesy of generations of his family (Finnegans) having successfully rutted on the mountains of Cooley for enough generations to spawn his great great grandfather. It may have taken from the dawn of man until 1850 for a bright spark of the family to appear and realise what those in the south of the county had known for generations – North Louth was a bit shit. Biden’s ancestors then emigrated to the US of A. They never went back.

Snubbed Again

But what does this Vice-Presidential snub mean for Drogheda and her substantial Finnegan population? We axed a well-known Drawda Finnegan for answers.

“Well, what do you think of ex-Finnegan and two time Vice President of the United States of America visiting Louth but snubbing the Drawda Finnegans?”

The Finnegan in question visibly angered after his ears processed the bad news.

“It’s always the same isn’t it? I bet you they told him to take the M1 up to Crap Town too just so he doesn’t have to go through Drawda. As faa as I’m concerned he’s not welcome – at least Present Clitin kem through the town even if he didn’t bother his hole stopping.”

The Vice President’s planned route via the M1 can only be seen as a snub for the town. President Clinton passed through Drogheda on his way to Dundalk in 2000 in what was hailed by the then mayor Shanks Godfrey as a visit, but in reality was only a drive through.

President Clinton Highway

The visit is set to open old wounds for Cllr. Shanks who had met Clinton twice and went on record at the time, “If he’s in the county, I would expect an invitation to meet him, if rumours are that he is coming to Dundalk.”

Godfrey saw attempts to erect a peace plaque in Drogheda to commemorate the drive-through stonewalled and then mothballed while Clinton’s Dundalk visit snowballed.

A further attempt to immortalize the drive through by renaming the Drogheda to Dunleer section of the M1 the Bill Clinton Highway also fell on deaf ears and blind minds.


Vice President Biden, who is 5/13ths Louth, will spend the day taking in the sights of North Louth. A fun visit to Slab Murphy’s petting zoo is to be followed by a go on the magic road in Jenkinstown before winding the day down with a leprechaun hunt, weather permitting.

Once again, Dundalk and north Louth get everything. Maybe this Drogxit crowd are right after all.