Louth v Meath GAA Crossword

A child cries after Joe Sheridan scored an illegal goal in injury time during the 2010 Leinster Senior Football Championship.

In this week’s Leader we decided to be objective about the sporting injustices inflicted upon Louth by Meath and compiled a fun crossword aimed at bringing the two communities together in the spirit of brotherly love.

It’s easy to look upon Meathmen  as unsophisticated boors, their women clad in green and gold cowboy hats and Dunnes Stores shades while their young folk wave Meath flags at cars shouting a few learned phrases regardless of the result or circumstances – “Take your beating!” “Ye’ll never beat the Royals!” “a hundred, a twelftieth, a cow, a daughter! Who are we about to slaughter!”

The Faa Side rises above such taunts. Nothing can be gained from it.

An angry exchange with a Navan farmess over the referee’s decision to play until Meath won at Navan in 2002 resulted in a kicked traffic cone and the realisation that no matter what you said to them, it made no difference. They were just really bad winners, or ‘arseholes with cows’ as a friend of the Faa Side put it on the all too familiar drive home from Parc Tailteann…

Louth Meath Crossword


1 Hometown of conspiracy’s Jim Corr (7)

7 Soon to lose territory to Louth in the name of economic and cultural progress (5)

8 Louth supporting politician (4)

9 Talismanic Louth forward Conor Grimes’s nickname (4)

10 Charming Wee county (5)

14 This attribute is taught in Meath from a young age (9)

16 Royals? The King is long dead so. (5)

17 Double Eurovision winning Louth minor Johnny _____ (5)

19 ____ is getting stuck in a lift with four Meathmen (4)

21 Slab Murphy lives here when he’s not in prison (14)



1 Spiritual home of the Staa Baa (8)

2 Palindromic hellhole (5)

3 Real 2010 Leinster Champs (5)

4 Louth’s nickname and also liquid served to Meathmen in Louth pubs (3)

5 Eloquent politician and ex-Louth boss (6)

6 2010 try scorer (6,3)

7 This shower have a lot to answer for (5)

10 Robbed in 1998, 2002 and again in 2010 (5)

11 The worst town in Louth (6)

12 Only 15% of Meath born can do this beyond Ladybird level (4)

13 Ambassador emeritus and ex-Louth sharpshooter, now Louth boss (5)

15 You’re nobody in Bettystown if you don’t have a private ____ instructor (4)

16 Always flush twice, _____men will eat anything (5)

18 Would you ever live in Meath? (2)

20 How you feel when you pass through Meath (3)

Here are the answers even though they were quite obvious….

Louth Meath GAA crossword key