Renewed Calls for Godfrey Statue at Scotch Hall

Cllr. Shanks's 'for everything against everything' approach to politics has won him many friends in the town.

The sad passing of the great handballer Joey Maher has left Drogheda with no living legends immortalised in statue form. Unsurprisingly, a social media campaign has been launched to hasten the process of statuing the next man on the list, Cllr. Frank ‘Shanks’ Godfrey.

We spoke to campaign founder Terry Reynolds.

“It’s obvious that Shanks will one day have his own statue. We’re asking Why do we have to wait until he dies before honouring him? He’s as tireless as he is determined as he is loved so he could easily live another five to six years, possibly more. Let’s do this soon before we lose any more town legends.”

Since the campaign started, a number of proposals have been sent in.

Gregory Phillips’s sculpture Tiananmen Shanks of a defiant councillor standing in front of a life-sized articulated lorry during his famous campaign to stop lorries driving down the Windmill Road is a clear favourite at this early stage.

Local mum Sassy Roche has proposed a sculpture of Cllr. Godfrey sitting on a fence between two fields of political hot potatoes.

The Old Drawda Society has called for a series of bronzed Godfrey’s forming a human chain around the old Calvary Cemetery in memory of his attempt to send back the mask of town vanquisher Oliver Cromwell lest the public engage with their own history.

Perhaps the most challenging entry is the giant apache sculpture of the Yellowbatter Colossus which reflects the Drogheda councillor’s decision to live on the frontier of Meath in an Irish version of Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves. It forces the viewer to confront their inherent bias against Meath and look at Cllr. Godfrey’s humility and compassion in living there.

It has long been known that the Tullyallen Erotic Art Collective already have number of sexy sculptures showing the political evolution of the Donore-based councillor, aping the famous ascent of man.

However, the final say will go down to Drogheda Borough Council, of which the popular councillor is a member.