Woman who missed bus told she should’ve gotten the one that just left

A Drogheda woman who just missed the three o’clock bus to Dublin was told by Bus Éireann staff that she should have gotten the one just gone.

Fidelma, 31, had hoped to get the 3pm express up to Dublin but lost track of time while gossiping about a recently divorced neighbour over health juice and profiteroles with other kept women. By the time she arrived in the bus depot the bus had departed. Or so she thought.

So she did what any reasonable person would – she looked at the timetable and when she couldn’t make any sense of that asked a member of staff when the next bus to Dublin was due.

“You shoulda gotten that one there love,” replied a member of staff, pointing to a bus pulling out of the depot. “That’s the 15.00 express there now so it is. See him? Pulling out there? That’s the bus you want to be gettin. But it’s too late now so it is.”

The driver walked her over to the timetable and pointed to 15.00. “There lookur. Three o’clock to Dublin.” Fidelma enquired as to why it was leaving at a quarter past three given the departure time on the timetable read three o’clock.

“Ah now, he doesn’t get in until a quarter past. Sure he does be coming from Dundalk. Give the man a break love! He’s doing his best.”

Another member of staff came over to help.

“You shoulda gotten the three o’clock missus. He gets in a quarter past. Sure everyone knows that! Did ye not know that no?”

Fidelma replied that had she known the three o’clock bus arrived at three fifteen she would have gotten it. She also mentioned that had her granny had balls she’d be her granddad. She was still none the wiser as to when the next bus to Dublin departed.

As she tried to make sense of it all the man at the info desk beckoned her over. She explained her plight and asked him at what time the next bus was due. He told her that she should’ve gotten the one that had just pulled out. That’s what she should’ve done. If she’d done that sure wouldn’t she be on the bus heading to Dublin instead of asking people when the next bus to Dublin was?

Thinking she was going mad, she decided to ring the automated bus timetable service. But the automated voice told her that she should’ve gotten on the one she’d just missed.

“Sure you probably didn’t need to go to Dublin anyway, you’re better off now so ye are,” she thought she heard a bus driver say as she gev up and went home.