Man with address not taken seriously

Daithí Collins is at a loss to why his business is getting no calls.

A local man starting his own business has been advised to change his email address or face being re-unemployed.

Daithí Collins started his streaming box business earlier this month after realising there was serious money to be made buying the boxes from China for €25 and selling them for €125.

But despite buying a rake of boxes, Collins has yet to receive one email or telephone query.

“I’m at a loss,” handwrung the exasperated entrepreneur. “I mean, I have the product, I know how it works. I basically copied the layout and advertising model from a shop in Dublin.

“I’d expected them to sell faster than Chippendale calendars in a socially disadvantaged shopping centre. The only thing I put different was the name (Drogheda Streaming Box) and my own contact details (”

Collins has spoken to guys with similar business models in Clogherhead, Dunleer and even as far afield as Dundalk.

“They’ve had no problem. Two of them have Lamborghinis now. They get the email or call and meet a lad in a car park and do the transaction. I’m at a loss as there’s no one else selling Streaming Boxes in the town.”

Friends advised him to change his email address to something more zeitgeisty but Collins refused, saying there was absolutely nothing wrong with having as an email address.

A former friend in IT, who has since distanced himself from Collins after hearing the revelation, didn’t think it would end well. “He’ll change to a email address, but by then it’ll be too late. The only people who’ll buy off him will be dads, and his head’ll be wrecked with them. My advice would be to forget the whole thing and go back on the scratcher.”