Prince bought raspberry beret in Saint Vincent de Pauls confirms spokesbiddy

The raspberry beret Prince bought from the Saint Vincent de Paul shop on Peter Street.

Music lovers around the world were saddened yesterday by the premature passing of pop pioneer Prince. We spoke to local SVP manager Noreen McGee who recalled the day the pint-sized pop genius popped in for a browse.

“It was just like any other Monday in 1982 when out of the blue an American came in. Now we’d only seen Americans in the pictures… but Bridie there met one during the war. She’s dead now too.

“So this tiny tiny fellow came in wearing all purple and him not even a bishop! But he was very polite and said he was some sort of prince. He asked me how my day was and I told him it was just another manic Monday and that I wished it was Sunday as that was my fun day – I could get in three masses – my I don’t have to run day.

“He enquired if there anywhere good to party on a Monday in Drogheda and I told him that over in the Hole in the Wall they partied every day like it was 1999 even though most of them had no jobs. But sure that was a sign of the times back then.

“That’s when Bridie came in through the outdoor – she was always getting confused like that the poor pet and wasn’t she wearing a raspberry beret that someone had donated after being beaten to death for trying to be different.

“The prince put it on, let out a yelp and did a twirl on his heel. He paid for it in dollars and I was worried that we’d no change for him. Sure we’d never seen American money before. But he just looked at Bridie, cocked his head towards me and said “Tell the cat to chill”.

“I never found out if he went to the Hole in the Wall.”

Noreen contacted The Faa Side after recognising him on the news last night.

Can you think of any other really famous people who have a tenuous link with Drogheda? Let us know.