Windmill Road windmills denied planning permission

Anti-windmill graffiti on the Windmill Road.

 This week in the Drogheda Leader we rounded up the latest planning permission news from around the town, starting with the successful opposition of Windmill Road Residents Association to a wind turbine development.

Planning permission denied for Windmill Road windmills

Local renewable energy start-up Windmill Road Windmills Ltd has been denied planning permission for a series of twelve windmills along the old Windmill Road. The plan was vigorously opposed by local residents groups fearful of the deadly strain of windmill cancer.

Windmill Road Windmills Ltd CEO Will Mills hit out at the decision. “It’s such a shame. The residents of Windmill Road are both denying their heritage and opposing renewable energy. Windmills don’t cause cancer. Maybe if 90% of the residents of Windmill Road didn’t smoke, there wouldn’t be as much cancer. If anything, our windmills would be blowing smoke away from the area.”

The project would have created up to 100 short-term construction jobs and one long-term janitor position (two if the position was job-shared, seven if it was Job Bridged).


Baltray Marina and Yacht Club

Baltray Residents Association (BRA) has applied for planning permission for a luxury marina with space for up to 50 yachts.

Local wildlife enthusiasts expect planning permission to denied, however they are a naïve bunch. The luxury development, which would bring just the right sort of people to Baltray, has garnered plaudits for its vision and refined elegance. The BRA thanked Drogheda Borough Council for a recent four figure donation which helped kickstart the project.

A blazer wearing spokesgolfer for the BRA explained the minutiae of the proposal. “Construction (of the marina) would necessitate the dredging of the Boyne Estuary wet lands which are a nuisance anyway as they always flood and only benefit wildlife. It would also remove a local eyesore; winos congregating in the wetlands during daylight hours.”


Yellowbatter Pigeon Lofts

Planning permission has been granted for pigeon lofts at 325, 326, 327, 327A, 328, 330 and 331 Ascal a hAon, Yellowbatter. Despite protests from Ascal a Dó Says No to Pigeons, permission was granted as the economic benefits to the estate were judged to far outweigh the sanitary concerns of the protestors.


Casino at St. Laurence Park Reservation?

Natives from the St. Laurence Park and Drive have applied for planning permission for a hotel and casino complex on the grounds of their reservation. Under the terms of their agreement with Drogheda Borough Council, the natives can apply for planning permission after five years of peaceful co-existence with neighbouring territories.

With the lure of tax-free earnings on any revenue generated from the casino, it was only a matter of time before vigilantes enforced order on the reservation. A binding definition of “peaceful co-existence” will be delivered by the District Court this week.


Garda estate

Blue Fluence Holdings Ltd, have applied for special planning permission for a new Garda housing estate on the outskirts of the town as all the traditional Garda estates are full up.


Quarry Development to Bring Jobs

Phase One of the long awaited development of the old quarry on the Cement Road gathered pace this week as planning permission for a shipyard and dry docks was granted.

But the unemployed shouldn’t be dusting off their CVs just yet as Phase Two – the rerouting of the Boyne uphill to the quarry and back down again is still at the planning committee review stage.