6 Things to do in Drawda this Holy Week

6 Things to do in Drawda this Holy Week.

This week in the Drogheda Leader we looked at what entertainment options are available for the religious this Holy Week…

  1. Spy Wednesday – Bond masses

Who says mass has to be boring? To celebrate Spy Wednesday the church will be incorporating a selection of Bond movies into the mass. Priests will then relate the morale of the movie to the Gospel. Parishioners are advised that masses may vary in length but rest assured, they’ll all be good long masses. Advance booking recommended for the Q&A with Drogheda son Pierce Brosnan after Goldeneye in the Lourdes. Times and venues below.

From Russia with Love, Augustinian 14.00, 17.00, 20.00.

Octopussy, Mell, 18.00, 21.00.

Goldeneye, Lourdes, 11.30, 19.30 (Q&A), 22.30.

Dr. No, St. Peter’s (COI), 15.00, 23.30.

Goldfinger, St. Mary’s, 10.00, 19.30.

Moonraker, St. Peter’s, 07.00, 13.00, 18.30, 21.00.

The Spy Who Loved Me, Dominican, 06.30, 15.00, 21.30.

You Only Live Twice, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, 20.00.

Casino Royale, Christ Embassy Church, 11.00, 14.00, 18.00.

Licence to Kill, Solid Rock Church, 21.30.

Worshippers can expect a silent collection for spies and their victims.


  1. Holy Thursday – Last Supper Dealz, Early Bird Menus

Sample the culinary delights of the Last Supper at participating restaurants around the town. Last year’s popular early bird Judas Burger with traitor mayonnaise, betrayal sauce and a bottle of Shiraz at €20 for two is to be resurrected again this year due to popular demand.

For those out on the batter, chippers around the town will be offering Last Supper and Good Friday fish specials. Mario from the Drogheda Association of Chippers explained.

“It’s a common misconception that the Last Supper consisted of just bread and wine; this was merely a starter. It’s more than likely that Jesus ordered in some snack boxes for the last supper. That’s what I would’ve done. He was catering to a large number of apostles so I reckon he ordered 4 dinner boxes with extra chips and scallops. You can’t go wrong with chicken.”

Chinese restaurants will be doing special Holy Trinity 3-in-1 curries with a complimentary bottle of spirits.


  1. Good Friday

The Stations of the Cross begin at 3pm in all good churches. Most now have 50 inch plasma screens for each station with scenes from The Passion of Christ. But if you’re old school, head on up to the Lourdes where they have a great selection of paintings to look at.

The pubs are shut so your options are limited. However if you can find the exact location of the Sunshine Bar you may be in luck. Today is a day for reflection.


  1. Easter Saturday

Just rest up. Make sure everyone that needs an Easter Egg has one. Nobody wants the shame of having to buy an egg on the day and your kids will never forget the Easter they woke up without a chocolate egg – it’ll be like that Christmas you gave them a bag of coal all over again.


  1. Easter Sunday

Lent is over. Rejoice. Back to the aul sinning. No guilt. Business as usual.


  1. Easter Monday

Maybe join your new disaffected and dissident friends from the internet and take over the Post Office on West Street and proclaim a Republic of Drawda? That’ll end well, promise.