U10s striker ‘a little fucken glory hunter’ says parent of sub

Real Moneymore FC golden boy Glen Corr has been labelled a glory hunter by parent-fans of the Drogheda & District Disadvantaged Schoolboys League side. A haul of 81 goals in 11 games from the under 10s striker has put and otherwise pedestrian outfit within ‘the fuck you lookin’ at’ distance of top spot.

Yet despite the team’s success, there have been grumblings from the sidelines. A group of parents have been leading the chorus of boos against the prolific Corr. “He thinks he’s Ronaldo so he does,” complained one parent. “He never passes to my Ryan,” said another.

“He’s a hatching bastard, just like his dad. And I’d know – I went to school with the cunt,” half-joked neighbour Richie Hews.

Last Saturday’s grudge match against Dynamo Jodhpor from Deepforde saw the parents of Corr’s strike partner Justin unveil a banner that said PASS IT CORR YOU GLORYHUNTING LITTLE CUNT. The incident occured after the goal getter elected to dribble around three defenders twice rather than squaring it to team-mate Justin. Instead he got down on his hands and knees and nudged the ball over the line with his head before running up to his tormentors with his jersey over his head, one hand cupping his ear while the other took a pic of himself in front of the banner with a selfie stick taken from his sock.

You’ll never play for Drawda Boys! – just some of the taunts parents throw at Corr.

Legendary manager Bock McGuffin said, “He’s a phenomenon. Ayr lads do be smaller than the big boys from your Bettystowns and your Deepfordes on account of the austerity and that. But that doesn’t stop him. He’s a marvel. He’s got the physique of Ronaldo and the sixth sense of Gerd Muller.”

However, his manager’s view was not one shared by the rest of the parents.

“My Trevor’s just as good as him but he was brought up to share. Winning isn’t everything.” When substitute Trevor echoed his mam’s sentiments to Corr he was laughed at, undermining both his own fragile self-confidence and his confidence in his parents.

“He’s shite,” Corr said. “He’s only on the team ‘cos his da sponsors the jerseys.” Sleeve-tattooed Corr is said to have put a wild youth behind him after fathering his first born at Christmas. “It’s grounded me,” he confessed. “I’m just focussing on me football on me famly. Haters gonna hate.”

Real Moneymore’s next game is a cup tie against whipping boys Aston Village at Little Wembley.