Ballymakenny speed bump in Guinness Book of Records bid

The start of the speed bump on the Ballymakenny Road - however if you approach it from the opposite direction it starts at the other end.

Residents from the Ballymakenny Road have contacted the Guinness Book of Records to find out whether the speed bump between the Maxol garage and Brookville housing estate is the longest in the world.

The Ballymakenny bump is approximately 115 paces, or 80 metres long and somewhat of a cause célèbre in speed bump circles given its curved disposition. It was installed as a traffic calming measure some years ago but many motorists claim that it’s longer it’s getting.

Audrey Doherty was doing community service in the area the day the council workers kem to install the speed bump.

They started at the path to Brookville and just kep goin.

Locals are confident that they can get some sort of plaque put up and a civil ceremony involving the whole community. Hopefully they’ll get in the papers.

Councillor Kevin Callan has been touted to unveil any such plaque given his well documented affinity to both roads and paths. But nothing has been finalised.

Councillor Pio is being considered as a fall back option though doubts remain about whether he has the panache to pull off such a gig given his relatively low profile.

Handlers for Cllr. Cassidy have been contacted to check his availability.

However, there has been focussed opposition to the speed bump. Local gossip hound Brídín McAllister, has been campaigning for months for its removal. “The short speed ramp they replaced allowed you to see who was driving by when they slowed down. You can’t do that anymore.”

What makes it worse is the road is level with the footpath now. It’s very confusing. You don’t know where to be walking. It confuses my dogs. It’s just a nightmare.

It is hoped a mention in the Guinness Book of Records will boost tourism to the area and create some jobs. Planning permission has already been granted for a 20 bedroom hotel at the site. The Bridal and Godfrey suites will have unhindered views of the speed bump.

It is expected a Guinness Book of Record team will be sent to inspect the bump in the coming weeks.