People who moan about politicians now moaning about election posters


As the general election got under way yesterday thousands of people who regularly complain about the state of the country took a break from doing that to moan about election posters instead.

“They block traffic lights and are very dangerous #LabourOut #FineGaelOut #DroghedaSaysNo2IrishWater,” tweeted a pajamas clad Teresa Black from her Land Rover while picking up the kids from school.

Liam O’Rathallaigh was delighted to be the first of his circle of friends on Facebuke to suggest that in this day and age, with all the social media about and all, that candidates should only be able to canvass digitally.

Chris called LMFM to put on public record the eye pollution he’s forced to put up with.”It’s ridiclis so it is. Sure we know who they are already. Why do they need to make us look at big pictures of their heads? I’ve enough to be dealing with without this going on.”

Jimmy Lynch was threw in his tuppence worth by shouting at people putting up the posters from a moving car. “I hope youse take down all the cable ties too. They’re all sorts of dangerous.” But he wasn’t sure if they caught it as he was driving very fast.

Lollipop lady Maggie Shields also thought the posters an eyesore. “I hate all the colours brightening up our grey town. Why can’t they just leave things the way they are. They’re always changing things.”

Posters of the upper torsos of the four women and eleven men contesting the election began to spring up overnight after Enda Kenny revealed the date of the election as Friday 26 February.

Sex-crazed DIFE campus wasn’t impressed with the calibre of candidate. Doctorate student in Bettystown Studies Jeff Hand was sick of them already.

“You wouldn’t mind s’much if they were good looking like. I mean, you’d need a strong and determined will to crack one off to any of them and I’m saying that as a gender fluid.”

Dundalk’s Jim Corr warned his followers of the danger of election posters on Twitter BEFORE the election was even called.

And unemployed uncle Tom Duffy told his friends down the bookies to mark his wurds that he’d be on to the authorities the minute the election was over if he seen any posters still up.

It was generally agreed by all that the election poster situation “will get worse before it gets better.”