The other O’Dowd delighted with canvass reaction

Renua candidate ‘Michéal’ O’Dowd was beaming this week after a genuinely great canvass at the weekend.

Speaking to The Faa Side after an energy sapping Sunday canvass, O’Dowd cut a tired but content figure sitting in the back of his advertising trailer eating quartered oranges with his supporter.

“Great reception! This is only a sample of things to come,” he said, perhaps taking a cue from the bungled election posters of him and Lucinda looming over him in the trailer. Some might see it as campaign inexperience at this level to have sent images to the printers with SAMPLE PIC ONLY still plastered over the candidates’ photos.

“Most of the people in Drogheda aren’t rich enough to benefit from our policies so we’ll hook them by playing hard with criminals. Three strikes and you’re out. And they won’t be cushy jails neither.

“We’ve identified an island in Cavan with a galvanise barn and no trees. The crocodile pits have been dug already by a local man called Milo and we’ll be introducing freshwater sharks to the lake. If any do manage to escape the locals up near the border are well used handling fire arms on a voluntary basis.”

Asked whether he held out much hope for a seat himself, O’Dowd said he was just happy to be taking part. And sure it’s the taking part that counts. And the anti-abortion bit.