Sure I don’t even need to canvass says O’Dowd

Canvassing is for the weak.

Sitting TD for Dundalk Fergus O’Dowd has spoken of the overwhelmingly positive reaction he would get if he needed to canvas.

Housewives favourite O’Dowd, who doesn’t take sugar in his tea but will take a biccie and a chat if it’s no trouble, has yet to launch his re-election campaign. Looking at the bookies odds, 1/8, he mightn’t even need to until after the election.

“I’m sure if I needed to canvas things would be very positive. But sure look at the voting patterns in Drogheda. Sure I don’t even need to canvas! It’s a great constituency. I could stand on the corner of West Street and shoot somebody. I’d still get elected.”

Word on the street is that former Minister O’Dowd, who helped set up Irish Water, got out of Irish Water at the right time to avoid any collateral splashes from the Irish Water fiasco. Irish Water.

Photoshop’s Fergus O’Dowd

Mr. O’Dowd says he has always brought jobs and stuff to the town. Pushed on the issue, O’Dowd had this to say.

“I’ll canvass if needs be. But from where I’m sitting it looks like I’ll be returned like always, no questions asked.”

Fine Gael man O’Dowd has been following a strategy of being seen at Louth games and not using an umbrella when it rains even when diehards in the crowd retreat to the O’Rathallaigh’s clubhouse for shelter. This approach, coupled with looking like a nice uncle and saying he’s doing lots for the town seem like an indestructible combination.

Seasoned political watchers agree that only assassination, retirement or a big win on the Euromillions can dislodge the housewives favourite.