Latest canvass just fantastic says Coffey

Farming Lord Kirk, Emma Coffey and The Celtic Tiger's Michael Martin & Tommy Byrne canvas an enthusiastic granny.

Dundalk’s election candidate for Drogheda, Emma Coffey, has declared her latest canvass to be “fantastic”.

Ms. Coffey has been familiarising herself to areas outside of the M1 commute back home to Dundalk and by her own accounts has been getting a great reception.

Despite pledging allegiance to the party that oversaw the country’s fiscally reckless economic boom and subsequent collapse into the arms of the IMF driving thousands abroad and into unemployment, the Fianna Fáil candidate is placed at 3/1 with Boyle Sports and 9/4 with Paddy Power.

Some argue that she is a slave to her family tradition of voting Fianna Fáil come Haughey or high water, while others argue that as an educated woman (she is a respected solicitor) she should just know better.

Coffey has come in for criticism for being a textbook gender quota candidate. However, The Faa Side says gubbins to that, the best candidate should get the nod and did, regardless of genetalia.

Here at Faa Side Towers, we can’t help but feel that despite all her great canvassing work, Ms. Coffey missed a trick by being indoctrinated into Fianna Fáil.

Great campaign slogans like WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEY can’t now be used due to Fianna Fáil’s tired, stale and discredited mantra.

So we’re gonna go with DECAF COFFEY.