A great day canvassing says Nash

Labour TD Ged Nash has confirmed that his recent canvassing efforts have been going great.


Two weeks ago Nash confirmed he had “a great day canvassing” up in Wheaton Hall.

Despite taking a lot of stick from the online anti-things brigade, Nash has not seen any hostility or experienced a ‘bad canvass’ so far.

“Bad canvasses are like bad pints,” said the Minister. “You never know when you’ll get one. It’s not the pubs fault. It’s not the barman’s fault though people do blame him, unfairly in my opinion. And it’s not your fault. It’s just one of them things. Thankfully I’ve never had a bad canvas, even in Dundalk.”

According to witnesses, the Minister’s canvas went brilliantly well.

“We had a look at the housing list and hit the first 13 names on it. They were very receptive indeed, especially when we told them the Minister had secured funds for 13 new social houses for Drogheda. They’ve all the mod cons too – solar roofs, clap dimmers, American fridges and trampolines out the back.”

After securing 26 additional nursing home beds for Drogheda, Minister Nash and his team knocked on doors known to house the elderly and families to whom their elderly relatives have become a burden.

“We had another fantastic canvas there. After we’d knocked on 26 doors though we felt it was time for a change. We need to canvas a broad spectrum of voters and touch all bases.”

A member of Nash’s election team then waved a list of addresses known to house biscuit lovers and people who like making biscuits in the area. The team was later spotted munching cookies at the East Coast Bakehouse.