Petition launched for Drogheda Dogging Park

 Drogheda’s doggers have called for a Dogging Park to be provided in the town where doggers can go to socialise and play off their leads in a controlled and supervised environment.

Dogging parks are becoming increasingly popular in many countries across the world and in Ireland there are already three parks in Meath alone.

A dogging park is an enclosed area with inadequate lighting and a sense of danger. Responsible dogging parks set out strict guidelines for doggers and dogger watchers.

The campaign began this week on social media and an online petition has also been set up at  that will eventually be presented to both Drogheda Borough and Louth County Council.

Stating their case for the dogging park online the group explained.

Donaghys Mill Dogging park
Donaghy’s Mill has been identified as the perfect location for the dogging park.

“It’s high time we here in Drogheda had our own dogging park. I mean, they have an all weather one up in Dundalk with a stand and everything and petrol out to the Seafield there in Laytown adds up you know.


“They provide older people and people with mobility issues and disabilities with a safe area to dog in. They also become a place for those in the community who have nobody to dog with to go along and meet people of a similar bent.

“It would be a wonderful way for older people to mix with younger people and make our town more inclusive.”

Local doggers have stressed that they are not connected to a separate petition by dog lovers calling for a dog park in the town. This is a separate and more important issue. Dogs are animals. Doggers are people too.

“You’re never more than 8 metres away from a dogger. It’s time the good people of Drogheda parked headlight to headlight and got something good for the town for once,” said top dog Chas Cowley.

Organisers are hoping to latch on to all the young open minded people what gev all the gays equal rights. Sign here.