7 Modern Wonders of Drawda – The Hot Pot

So legendary was the Hot Pot that Drogheda Borough Council retired the shopfront in its honour. To this day it lies empty. Sometimes the council do get heritage right.

“Did I tell yis I’m putting the Hot Pot forward for that list of modern town wonders thing they’re running?”

“What, The chipper?”


“Ah jesus the Hoh Pot. Snack boxes so good they (Drogheda Borough Council) retired the shop front in its honour. It was the Franco Baresi of takeaways.”

“So elegant. Always in the right place at the right time. A great reader of hunger.”

“There hasn’t been a chipper to rival it since. I’m not kidding ye. Fablis chicken buurger and gaalic sauce. Killer scallops too. Terrible shame it had to retire early.”

“It was a bad injury I believe. The same one van Basten had. Nothing they could do…”

“Yea. A dark day for the town. The women wept and sure didn’t the batter factory down the Marsh Road close as a result?”

“I don’t mind telling ye. Joe’s in Yelluhbahur has the look of a maturing Paolo Maldini. Brilliant at everything. A hard worker, spice bags of skill and getting better with age.”

“Classy as he was lads, Baresi was the brains behind it all. I mean, the Hot Pot reimagined the tactical role of the chipper during the 90s and early 2000s. Taught a generation of young lads the benefits of gettin good soakage in after a night on the batter.”

Dominics was Costacurta and the Genoa Tassotti.
Dominic’s was Costacurta, the Genoa Tassotti and Joe’s Maldini to the Hot Pot’s Baresi.

“I suppose it did. A great role model for the youngsters. And people forget that that was at a time when concentrating on your diet was seen as foreign nonsense.”

“You’re right there. The Hot Pot added years on to my drinking career.”

“But that’s not all they did.”


“No. They were the furst chipper to sell them pink snack bars and Twixes in case the lady wanted a dessert. Everyone does it now but back then it was visionry.”

“See. That’s the continental flair right there. The Italians just ooze sophistication so they do.”

“Yea. That kinda innovation is probly ten a penny in the chippers of Milan.”

“They made the other chippers up their game ye know. They introduced a modern scouting system for one.”

“That they did. You’d see a scout come in to McPhails around 11. He’d sit in the corner taking notes with his bookies pen…Who’d the look of a burger on him? Who was a snack box man? Who’d be back later looking for comfort food? They had it nailed.”


“I took a piss beside him once ye know. Said hello and gave him me order.”

“What did he say?”

“Nothing. He just smilelt, opent the notebook and showed me me order I was going to make.”

“Get away.”

“Yep. Didn’t even spray his shoes. Pure class.”

“Well it just shows you…all this talk has me hungry.”

“Batter burger?”

“Only fucken place opent at this hour is Chicken Hut.”

“Fucken typical.”

“I don’t like it but I’ll eat it anyway.”


In conversation with Sos Donnelly, young Fingers Reilly and that Jimmy Lynch fella.