Drawda Monopoly is best seller

Speculate like it's 2006.

Step into Cllr. Tommy Byrne’s world this Christmas and enjoy a game of Drawda Monopoly. Speculate like it’s still the Celtic Tiger. 

Get that penthouse apartment on the Marsh Road you’ve always wanted or buy that row of terraced houses in Yellowbatter you’ve had your eye on.

This is your chance to bankrupt your more successful friends and siblings- for an hour. Crush them. Grind them into the dirt. Repossess their houses and deliver their hungry families microwaved meals from the soup kitchen on Christmas Day.

Go for it. Make no apologies. This is your time. You deserve it.

Who knows, maybe a bungalow in Bettystown and some Bulgarian apartments are on the horizon. Aim high.

Be kind to yourself this Christmas.