John’s shop to get second runway

What John's Shop will look like when work is complete.

Despite objections from some of the locals, John’s Shop on the Platin Road has received planning permission to build a second runway and watchtower.

For years John’s shop has been a nightmare to park outside with people landing in from all angles to hit the deli, use the ATM that’s normally out of service or do a not so quick lotto quick pick. But thats only if you’re lucky enough to get a space.

A few unfortunate individuals had to fly by and take their chances in a Meath shop. Some never to be seen again; others returned but haven’t been the same since.

Any readers of The Faa Side will know well the reports of people being imprisoned in their own cars for seconds sometimes minutes sometimes listening to the minutes while trying to taxi on to the Platin road.

But for Dub Anto Quinno it was a life changing event. Anto was hoping to touch down outside John’s for a quick refuel and get back on to the M1.

“There was three cars trying to get out and three trying to pull in, it was pandemonium” recalls Anto, who had to keep going and make an emergency landing in Duleek underground airport.

That was 10 years ago, he seen a house for sale in Duleek sold his in Finglas made over 100k. He then went on his holliers. When he came back he told his family, his friends, his workmates, his neighbours and some lads he used to go to school with. It didnt take long for the news to spread and now they all have relocated to Dubleek.

The Drawda Airport Authority confirmed passenger numbers are up 12% on last year, passer-by numbers are still over 20% and its hoped the 2nd runway will bring more passers-by in to land.

A local TD, who fought hard to have the planning permission passed, was delighted to receive his brown envelope before Christmas.  His brother, who won the contract for the new runway claimed that it had nothing to do with nepotism and said,

“I had to bribe people like everyone else. Brother or no brother.”

The new runway will be south facing heading down Elmwood and on to the tracks. Work will commence on January 5th and take a few years, maybe more. If you’re in the flight path please move soon.