Rose of Tralee has now been photographed with every local politician

The Rose of Tralee with an assortment of career politicians.

It took longer than expected but this year’s Rose of Tralee winner, Elysha Brennan, has now been photographed with all political candidates in the south Louth East Meath area.

Ms. Brennan, a student at the Royal College of Surgeons, is said to be welcoming the Christmas break. A spokesrose for Ms. Brennan said, “Elysha needs to recharge the batteries. She needs to be in tip top form for the many supermarket openings and worthy causes coming up in 2016.”

With a General Election expected to be called early next year, local politicians are hopeful of getting a boost in the polls by associating themselves with the successful Rose. Many placed early calling cards in local papers congratulating Meath’s first ever Rose.

“It’s been a gruelling schedule being super nice to everybody. I mean I’m nice to people anyway –  I grew up in Bettystown for goodness sake! But all that smiling and waving and being used by people to further their own agendas does take its toll.”

People said it couldn’t be done, that a Meath Rose would never win. They even called it an oxymoron? But it happened thanks to Elysha’s fluffy loveliness and her traditional Bettystown name.

Rose meets more politicians
The lovely Rose with assorted politicians and Lobinstown’s own political maestro Cllr. Paddy Meade. Photo: The Meath Chronicle

“I’m looking forward to next year. I’m going to be even lovelier than I was this year. I’m so lucky!” She lovelied. “I’m just grateful that I can use this platform to promote peace in Gaza. I’ve spoken to our local Laytown-Bettystown Cathaoirleach Paddy Meade and he explained to me the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding on our own doorstep. I just want to help.”

Sources close to the 56th Rose say that she is mulling over several offers to run for office but is considering an independent candidature on a peace and loveliness  ticket.

Local political hacks have cited that if Fine Gael TD Peter Fitzpatrick got elected on the back of not winning something, then surely Ms. Brennan could get elected after actually winning something.

“She could do very well,” said Laytown tallyman Chad Gordon. “But she doesn’t have a funny voice like Fitzer. She’ll have to work on that over the Christmas or risk losing votes.”

The rumours have thrown local politics into disarray. If Ms. Brennan does run for office, then all the politicians who lined up for snaps with her will be on the backfoot from the off. It is a formidable arsenal to have a bottomless archive of your opponents clapping you on at your disposal.

We could be witnessing the birth of a political prodigy.