West Street bin fire started by ISIS

Chaos on West Street as after ISIS terrorists set a bin on fire.

On Friday last at approximately 3pm a grey metal bin was seen smoking on West Street. The bin wasn’t having an e-cigarette, it was on fire.

What was initially thought to be a passer by from Dubleek or local
photographer and part time arsonist Matches McGinty turned out to be
something much more sinister, much more sinister indeed.

Passer-by Theodore Tuite III from Moneymore noticed the smoke on West
Street. “I just assumed it was coming from the Platin cancer factory or
Alzheimers Periclase. After about ten minutes one side of the street
filled up with smoke, it was then we realised something was up. We
found it hard to breathe and crossed the road – some people were carried
across the road so they were. Then we seen the bin on fire so we did.”

Shouts of “FIRE!” rang out across West Street and some people panicked.
Locals discussed calling the fire brigade but everyone was afraid
in case they had to foot the bill. A local businessman whose shop was
filling up with smoke decided to take matters into his own hands and
extinguished the fire with half a bottle of water. He received cheers
from the sizable crowd gathered across the road and wishes to remain

It was business as usual in Pennys as most patrons assumed it was
part of the Black Friday celebrations.

Mayor Paul Bell received information that it was in fact ISIS aka ISL aka Islamic State that started the fire with an incendiary device.

“The Islamic State clearly tried to ruin Black Friday in Drogheda. We need to be tough on terror, tough on these bin terrorists who are clearly a threat to our national security.” He went on to say, “No one burns rubbish in Drogheda without a licence.”

A video was posted on social media by ISL Islamic State Louth claiming
responsibility for the attack.