Fitzer pledges 3 million jobs for Dundalk

Leaked campaign poster with key policies for Election 2016.

Dundalk TD and gun club lobbyist Peter Fitzpatrick is confident that the latest Government Action Plan for Jobs North East will secure approximately 3 million jobs for Dundalk.

Speaking on LMFM’s Michael Reade Show this morning, the Dundalk TD, from Dundalk and living in Dundalk, spoke about how the Action Plan was great for Dundalk.

“Let me tell you now Michael, this plan is great for Dundalk so it is and I’m confident Michael that Fine Gael will deliver more jobs than there are currently people in Dundalk Michael.

“Since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs in 2012, the number of live people signing on the Register Michael has reduced by 27.3% so it has Michael. And Michael, that’s down in no large part to the hard work me and to a lesser extent Fergus have been doing for the county Michael.

“I put in lots of hours so I do Michael, helping people from Dundalk. They come to my constitchincy office and they ask me Michael, about what I can do for them. They say

Fitzer, what can you do for me? And I say, Eustace or Barry or whatever their name is, ask not what Fitzer can do for you, ask what you can do for your county.

“Things are on the up so they are. People shouldn’t be worrying as there is a rake of jobs coming after the election. So it’d be wise to vote for me as I like being a TD and I’m from Dundalk just like them Michael.

“Based on all the evidence Michael and the strong buy-in for the process up to this point Michael, it is realistic to target three million additional jobs in the North East region by 2020 there now.

“Michael, if you walk the streets of Dundalk looking to help people like I do on a daily basis, you’ll notice that all the young people have stopped emigrating abroad Michael. In fact, since September I’ve noticed a huge increase in young people about the town Michael. That’s thanks in large part to the Action Plan.

“The last concensus in 2011 showed that there was 37,816 people living in Dundalk so there was Michael. I can honestly say that I think about those 37,816 people every day Michael from when I’m having my Coco Pops in the morning until I’m laying in the bed at night with nothing but Dick Turpin and the final minutes of the 2010 Leinster Final in my head.

“Drogheda? No Michael, I’m TD for Louth Michael. I’d like to help those poor people of course I would Michael but they’re in a different constitchincy. You’d have to get on to Regina Doherty or Helen McEntee in Meath about that so you would now Michael.

No I haven’t Michael, sure there’s no need now the bypass is there Michael…and come here to me. If Drogheda’s in Louth then I’m a Dick Turpin.

“Before I go Michael I wish to commend all of the stakeholders from across the region, including many employers who have participated in the process up to now. I was a businessman myself Michael, so I know how the economy works. If I still was a businessman I’d be signing up to this plan. Talk to any Dundalk business and in six months they’ll have jobs coming out of their pockets so they will Michael.

“Of course if we have any jobs left over I’m sure we can give some to Drogheda so we can Michael, or at least subsidise a commuter coach to shuttle to Dundalk for the jobs Michael. Thanks Michael.